Kent & Masters Pony Club Saddle, 16"-16.5" Seat

  • $1,095.00

Kent & Masters

  • The Kent & Masters Pony Club Saddle is a universal fitting GP saddle that has a shorter panel designed to suit ponies.
  • Designed to take children through their pony riding years, this saddle is ideal for all Pony Club activities. 
  • The seat of the Pony Club Saddle has been designed to help encourage an independent seat in young riders,
  • This saddles features an open-headed tree which provides good wither clearance, while the short panel design fits short backed ponies.
  • The Pony Club Saddle takes the SimaTree S-Bar and so is suitable for ponies with a medium or low wither.
  • A saddle fitter can usually achieve a good fit on a variety of conformations, thanks to the versatile panel design which is flocked with English wool.  
  • Velcro knee blocks are positioned under the flap which can be positioned to suit the riders leg length and position. 
  • Five girthing options allow saddle stability to be optimized instantly on a variety of confirmations.
  • Luxurious hide knee pads and seat ensure maximum rider support and comfort.
  • 100% British wool flocking provides superior softness and comfort for the pony, molding quickly and is easily adjustable to optimize panel contact. Two reinforced flocking slots at the front and rear allow quick adjustments to be made with the panel in situ.
  • Changeable Gullet: S-Bar