Albion KB Competition Snaffle Bridle with Wavy Crystal Browband & Continental Reins

  • $450.00


  • In 2000 Albion created the first Pressure Relieving Snaffle Bridle and it's still one of the world's most comfortable bridles.
  • Preferred worldwide by dressage riders, the KB Competition Snaffle Bridle is tailored made to perfection with a patented design (European Patent No. 1302440).
  • Designed with Klaus Balkenhol, the ground breaking bridle minimizes pressure, maximizes comfort, aids willing submission and improves performance in all disciplines at all levels. 
  • The slip is anatomically positioned over the padded, cutaway headpiece to disperse poll pressure. 
  • The Competition Snaffle Bridle also features an oversize, wavy crystal browband to ensure ear clearance to minimize nerve pressure and has a padded noseband for extra comfort. 
  • Made from the very best full grain bridle butts, the Competition Snaffle Bridle is without a doubt one of the most popular bridles on the market today. 
  • Renowned for its quality and durability, this bridle enhances each and every horse. 
  • The Competiton Snaffle Bridle comes complete with Albion Continental Reins.