Amerigo Vega Close Contact Saddle

  • $3,900.00


  • Designed by Peter Menet, with 20 years experience designing top class saddles.
  • Created to work with your horses natural biomechanics and to optomize your horses true potential.
  • Independent, non-gusseted panels are made up of two individual parts, which are not attached to one another. The panels are not stitched onto the saddle as with other panel types.When in use, they contour prefectly to the shape of the horse as the form is not restricted by the use of gussets or stitching.
  • The stuffing material used inside the panels is a mix of synthetic fibres. This mixture doen't concentrate into lumps, eliminating pressure on the horse. This independent, stuffed panel system maintains it's shape more precisely and becomes better with use.  
  • While there is no need to have the saddles re-stuffed as a matter of routing, they can be altered along their complete lenght to ensure continuing goot fit should the horse's shape change.
  • Supportive, anatomically designed knee and thigh blocks
  • Made in Italy of Oakbark printed cow hide.