Ariat Boot Care Pack

Ariat Boot Care Pack

  • $19.99


  • The Ariat Boot Care Pack in the ultimate in boot care products.
  • Containing three Ariat boot care products with accessories, this set will easily cover all of your boot care needs. 
  • The Ariat Boot Care Pack contains:

         Ariat Premium Water & Stain Protectant- can be used on leather and suede                   products. Provides protection from water based and oil based stains and helps             leathers remain stain and water resistant.

         Ariat Premium Leather Balm-can be used on all types of leather products                       including belts, boots, handbags and more.  Do not use on suede or buck                     leathers.

        Ariat Premium Boot & Shoe Conditioner-Contains special wax free formula that            is perfect for all types of leathers. It can also be used on exotic skin leathers                  including alligator and reptile skin.

       Boot Shine Cloth- perfect for applying the products.

       Clear plastic storage bag with carrying handle

  • These wonderful Ariat boot care products will keep your favorite boot, shoes and leather products looking their best.