Tech Athena Jumper Plus Stirrup Irons

  • $299.95

Tech Stirrups

  • The Athena Jumper Plus Stirrup Irons are equipped with shock absorbers that follow the movement of the riders foot, allowing freedom of movement and communication, while maintaining greater stability an increasing comfort for the rider.
  • These shock absorbers are made of a compound particularly suitable to stress, and durable to wear and to temperature extremes.
  • Designed for the jumper ring, the Athena Plus irons feature an aggressive tread with shock absorbers to follow the foot's movement for the ultimate contact and grip.
  • The Athena Jumper Plus irons also feature a 3 degree sloped tread for perfect heels down position.
  • Made in Italy, the patented Athena Jumper Plus irons are made from the finest materials, aluminum billet with stainless steel blocked screws.
  • The treads are treated with a nano-ceramic coating, while the rings feature a 20 micron anodization to preserve their beauty.
  • Strategically placed stirrup leather eyes provide rider comfort and assist in retrieving lost stirrups.