Back on Track Therapeutic Horse Mesh Sheet, Black

  • $249.00

Back on Track

  • The Back on Track Therapeutic Mesh Sheet may provide relief for horses with sore backs, tight muscles, arthritic issues, or a tendency to be stiff.
  • The Mesh Sheet is designed with Back on Track's state of the art Welltex fabric containing ceramic powder which reflects the horse's natural body warmth and creates a soothing far infrared thermal warmth.
  • Thermal warmth helps to increase the blood circulation and helps muscles recover, stay looser and become less inflamed
  • Wearing the Mesh Sheet may help your horse recover and prepare for the next day of competition or exercise.
  • In warmer months, the Mesh Sheet may also be used 30-45 minutes before exercise to help loosen your horse's muscles.
  • In cooler months, the Mesh Sheet may be used like a liner under your own blanket alone in the stall or during transport.
  • For optimal results, the Mesh Sheet should be used anywhere from 30 minutes to overnight and is often combined with the Mesh Neck Cover.
  • The horse will not become over heated, but wearing can result in sweating to loosen and relieve sore or inflammed muscles.
  • The Mesh Sheet should be introduced gradually, beginning by using for  2-4  hours for the first 3-4 days then leaving on overnight for the best results.
  • Offen a reduction of muscular stiffness will be noticed withing a few hours or days. Occasionally, with long term injuries, it may take 10-30 days to see results.
  • The Mesh Sheet is Not recommended for turnout.
  • The Mesh Sheet features two chest buckles, crossing belly surcingles and a tail flap.
  • To find your horse’s blanket size, start at the center of the chest and measure around to the center of the tail, in inches and then subtract 3. 
  • Machine washable up to 104°F or 40°C with a mild detergent.  Do not bleach.
  • Air dry only, do not tumble dry.