Breyer® Trixie Chicks' King, Trick Horse

Breyer® Trixie Chicks' King, Trick Horse

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     Having an exceptional horse is the most import element in the dazzling and exhilarating world of trick riding. Trick riding mounts must be intelligent, strong and most importantly, trust worthy.

     The impressive Trixie Chicks Trick Riders have been thrilling crowds and teaching trick riding since 2010 with their exceptional string of horses and riders. A favorite among performers and students  is King, a 2001 American PaintHorse.  Trixie Chicks owner and performer Kelsey Lauberth describes him as "the horse of many trick riders," because his steady nature makes him their go-to lesson mount.  King loves attention and performing, but never forgets to take care of his riders.  Whether his job is to help thrill an audience, or boost a beginner trick rider's confidence, King is always up for the task.  There is no better partner than King when your job involves doing incredible feats on, around and even under a galloping horse!

King features a metallic "Breyer" brand on his hip.

Ages 8+

Traditional, 1:9 scale model.