Breyer Stablemates 70th Anniversary Mystery Horse Surprise

  • $4.99


     Kids will love all the fun poses and colors of the different mystery horses! Collectors will go wild over these mini-me models of fan-favorite Traditional models such as the Fighting Stallion and Connemara Mare. Includes beautiful modern decos and Breyer vintage-inspired glossy charcoal and woodgrain!

     In celebration of Breyer’s 70th Anniversary, this assortment of eight new Stablemates® includes two unique chase pieces. Each bag will contain one model shipped randomly

The Chase horse can be discovered in 25 percent of displays.
The Super Chase horse will be found in 12 percent of displays.

     This item ships blind, meaning you cannot choose which surprise model you'll get!  Please note that the chase piece is random (and one of 96 pieces). There is no guarantee that you will receive a chase piece.

Opened packages cannot be returned. 

Ages: 4+ 

Stablemates, 1:32 scale models.