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Breyer Stablemates Horse Foal Surprise, 2021

Breyer Stablemates Horse Foal Surprise, 2021

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    Open the door to reveal the mystery foal surprise!  These three piece Stablemates set come with a stallion, mare and a mystery foal, whose color is a surprise.  A fun visual lesson in equine genetics, the foal's coat color and pattern will be based upon the coat color and patterns of its parents.  Patent color combinations include a Bay Paint & a Chestnut Mustang, a Dun Warmblood & a Black Quarter Horse, and a Palomino Thoroughbred & a Bay Warmblood.  Collect all 3 sets for endless fun         

     This item ships blind, meaning you cannot choose which parent model you'll receive!  If you order multiple sets, please note on your order if you would like the same, or different models.


Opened packages cannot be returned. 

Ages: 4+ 

Stablemates, 1:32 scale models.





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