Breyer® Prism, Rainbow Decorator - Limited Edition

Breyer® Prism, Rainbow Decorator - Limited Edition

  • $59.99


     Breyer® artists transform blank equine sculptures into fantastical works of arts through the use of color and design in the way that a prism transforms white light into a beautiful spectrum of colors. While a wonderful palette of equine breeds and colors is supplied by mother nature, sometimes it's fun to let imagination run wild!

    Prism, Breyer's newest decorator model, is a colorful work of art that will delight the senses!  This proud stallion is adorned in a bright wash of color, with each transitioning into the next and creating an unique equine rainbow.  With his white pinto markings, his flowing mane and tail, arched neck and dynamic movement, Prism is a stunning masterpiece that will add a splash of color to your collection.

Traditional, 1:9 scale model

Ages 8+

Limited to 3,500 pieces.