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Champion Brush

Brush Cleaner Effervescent

Brush Cleaner Effervescent

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Brush Cleaner Effervescent

Brush Therapy TM by Joz TM cleans and restores brushes in just 8 minutes! It will get rid of dirt, debris, bacteria and fungi. You’ll rid your grooming brushes of trapped hairs and your brushes will be sparkling clean with a nice citrus scent. It’s easy to use too! Just add 1 packet of Brush Therapy to 1 gallon of warm water. Let the brushes sit in the bubbly solution for 8 minutes. With larger thinner wooden backs soak the bristles only, in a shallow tray. Remove the brushes from the solution after 8 minutes and use a comb to loosen embedded hair. Rinse the brushes thoroughly with cool water. Shake out excess water and allow to air dry gently in a well ventilated area. Do not dry with heaters or fans. Repeat the process if needed. (Please note: Brush Therapy uses a three level cleaning process so it is important to leave the brushes in the solution for the full 8 minutes even though the solution will stop bubbling by then). Use only as directed. Made in USA. 


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