Cavallo Linus Edition Dressage Boot, US 9.5-10

  • $599.00


The Linus Dressage Boot is a very universal, elegant dressage boot that is equally suited for children, adolescents and adults.

Product Details:

  • Crafted from smooth nappa leather with leather lining for a perfect fit, the Linus Dressage Boot is the perfect all around dressage boot for all riders. 
  • Cavallo's Linus dressage version boot is simple and sophisticated with a  reinforced outer shaft to help prevent the booth from dropping or slipping.
  • Linus Dressage Boots cover up to two shoe sizes thanks to a removable insole, enabling an adjustable fit, or a longer wearing time for growing feet.
  • The long back zipper and elastic cross-stretch insert up the heel cap provide outstanding comfort as well as fit. 
  • The real rubber corrugated sole with Vibram heel guarantees good hold in the stirrup and at the barn.
  • Whip holder
  • N124 (1948000) Comfort Last
  • 4.5cm bow height 
  • This Linus Edition Dressage Boot features Nubuck, Lack & Strass in Blue


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