Belle & Bow "Shadbelly" Show Bow

  • $33.95

Belle & Bow Equestrian

  • Belle & Bow's philosophy is that all children should have the opportunity to have something fun to wear in the show ring!
  • Constructed of high quality grosgrain, "Shadbelly" Show Bows combine white, black and gold with black glittery white printed ribbon. 
  • These bows do not feature Belle & Bow’s signature “Belle” pony charm.
  • The "Shadbelly" bows were designed to match perfectly with the classic shadbelly look and are perfect for Pony Finals or any horse show day!
  • These bows are hand made and are stitched and glued together for durability.
  • All bows are mounted on a high quality hair band that is a smaller than the usual size so that you don’t have to wrap it around the hair too many times.
  • The "Shadbelly" Show Bows feature approximately 5" tails as not to cover numbers.