Self Tap Studs (Each)

  • $2.99

Nunn Finer®

  • Nunn Finer® Easiest Studs Yet are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to adapt to different footing conditions; studs are worn only while the horse is being worked.
  • These studs include a self starting channel that clean out stud holes as they are screwed in, making putting in studs so much easier with the self starting channel!
  • Constructed of High Quality Steel.
  • Order by letter:

          A) Small Hexagonal Bullet: Good-to-dry conditions (hind) or wet conditions                      (front).

         B) Medium Hexagonal Bullet: Good-to-slick conditions (hind) as a pair or on the                inside with a semi-spike on the outside, or in wet conditions as a pair (front).

        C) Full-Short Hexagonal Bullet: Wet conditions with deep footing (hind) or on                    inside with full spike outside.

       H) Semi-Hexagonal Spike: Good to dry conditions (front). Outside with a dull stud              of the same height on inside to prevent grabbing.

      R) Semi-Square Spike: Good-to-dry conditions (front or behind). Use on the                      outside with a dull stud of the same height on the inside.

      S) Full-Square Spike: Dry/hard ground on the outside only. Use dull stud on the inside.

      U) Medium-Square Road Stud With Tip:
 Everyday use, dry-to-hard, conditions on               the inside with a small semi-spike on the outside.