Electro Dex Electrolyte,  Cherry Flavor,  5lb

Electro Dex Electrolyte, Cherry Flavor, 5lb

  • $14.99

Horse Health Products

  • Electro Dex Equine Electrolyte supplies the electrolytes that horses may lose in heat, training or competition
  • Electo Dex delivers sodium calcium potassium and trace minerals to maintain body fluids, which are often depleted during periods of stress.
  • Supporting a normal mineral balance, Electro Dex replaces fluids lost during heat, sweating, training, and performance.
  • With an appealing cherry flavor, Electro Dex's micro-blend can be used in feed or drinking water (at a rate of 2 oz per 10 gallons of fresh water or 2 oz in the daily ration of grain).
  • 1 oz scoop included