EquiFit HorseSox For Ponies, Black

  • $25.00


  • Protect your ponies legs against rubs, sand abrasions and other annoying irritants while they work with the EquiFit HorseSox™.
  • These innovative, unobtrusive stockinettes aid in keeping your ponies legs clean while offering protection for those who are prone to leg irritations (often caused by dirt and debris build up).
  • HorseSox™ are also helpful for ponies with scratches, boot rubs or any minor leg abrasions.
  • Stretchable and breathable HorseSox™ offer compression, aiding in increased circulation.
  • HorseSox™ are easy to use and fit  (just cut them to the desired length) and are completely washable and re-usable. 
  • Because HorseSox™ stretches and conforms to the ponies leg, they can be used with or without boots. 
  • Pony HorseSox™ are 2.5" by 2 yards