Hamag Swarovski Crystal Saddle Pad Number Holder

  • $54.00


  • Hamag Saddle Pad Number Holders are the answer to unreliable, unslightly, torn plastic holders.
  • These holders are handmade in Australia from qualtiy materials and have been designed to last a lifetime.
  • Genuine Swarovski Crytal accents provide a bit of sparkle for the show ring. 
  • Hamag Holders have become the gold standard in both form and function and WILL NOT fall off!
  • Internationally know riders including Steffen Peters, Allison Brock, Kim Severson and Buck Davidson rely on Hamag Holders to deliever a winning performance.
  • A heavy duty pin is included to affix the holder to the saddle pad as well as a pair of three digit number inserts. 
  • The Hamag Holders measure 4.3 x 3.1.