Horsedream Square Dressage Pad with Sheepskin

  • $209.00

Horsedream Importers 

  • Your saddle pad should act as a world class shock absorber between your horse and your saddle, as your weight impacts the sensitive wither and spine area of your horse's back with every step that it takes.  
  • The Horsedream Square Dressage Pad with Sheepskin provides a superior level of cushioning and support, helps to maintain more even skin tempertures under pressure and helps to reduce stress rubs.
  • This dressage square pad is adapted for a close fit, facilitating harmony between the horse and the rider.
  • This pad is constructed with lambskin with 100% quilted cotton backing and measures 27" along the spine while the flap is 20" long.
  • Machine wash, gentle cycle, fluff dry.