Horsedream Therapeutic Half Pad with 4 Pockets

  • $219.95

Horsedream Importers

  • The Horsedream Therapeutic Half Pad allows riders to adjust the padding to their individual needs.
  • Two pockets underneath the pad on each side enable adjustments to be made at the back, the front, or the sides of this half pad.
  • The padding is made of special composite foam and is included with the pad.
  • The soft lambskin padding of the Horsedream Therapeutic Half Pad prevents saddle friction over the withers and spine while keeping your horse cool and comfortable.
  • When used between the horse and the saddle, this half pad facilitates air flow and temperature balance while helping to absorb impact from the weight and movements of the rider.
  • This half pad also helps disperse pressure for the rider over the horse's back and is perfect for everyday schooling or showing.
  • The Horsedream Therapeutic Half Pad can be fitted between the saddle and saddle pad for a classic look.
  • Machine wash, gentle cycle, fluff dry.