KL Select Italia Middleburg Hunter Bridle

  • $338.00

KL Select

  • The Middleburg Bridle offers the popular show ring look of a wider noseband, along with fancy stitching, padding, and KL's soft padded, threaded crown piece. 
  • The Middleburg features a 1 1/4" padded square raised, fancy stitched noseband, a matching 3/4" browband, and 1/2" cheek pieces. 
  • The Middleburg also comes complete with 5/8" fancy stitched, square raised Laced Reins. 
  • This system allows you to have the ultimate comfort for your horse's poll, while using a standard noseband.
  • The Middleburg is constructed of premium Italian leather, stainless steel hardware with hook stud ends and a roller buckle on the noseband.