Kavalcade "Grey" Dressage Bridle

  • $199.99


  • With it's dark grey underlay, a sparking browband with black-grey rhinestones and and anthracite lined noseband, this snaffle bridles impresses with its elegance. 
  • The Swedish combined noseband allows for a closed mouth with bit stabilization, without the horse's breathing and nerves being affected (if not pulled too tight).
  • The flash strap runs through an eyelet that can be completely removed in a few simple steps.
  • To avoid sensitive pressure points, the eyelet runs between the noseband and the padding. 
  • The softly lined head piece is anatomically shaped and cut extra wide.
  • The "Grey" Dressage Bridle can be adjusted on both sides for an optimal fit. 
  • This bridle comes complete with rubberized reins with bars (16mm).
  • For a long service life of the bridle, Kavalcade recommend using "Horseman's One Step" leather care, or "Leather Therapy Wash"