Kent and Masters S-Series Jump Saddle

  • $1,495.00

Kent & Masters

  • Built on a new tree with longer swept-back points to support the front of the panel and allow freer shoulder movement.
  • Seat is shaped to enable the rider to dynamically adjust their centre of balance over the fence.
  • Broad panels and girthing options maximize contact and saddle stability. 
  • Changeable gullet bar to suit the horse's wither profile. 8 options include half widths (N/M to XXW) in the short S-Bar for low-headed saddles and 7 options (N/M to XW/XXW) in the long R-Bar for high-headed saddles.
  • The third billet can be unlooped and moved on to the floating balance strap attachment. This provides 4 possible girthing options to allow the saddle to be girthed according to the horse's movement.
  • 100% British wool flocking provides superior softness and comfort for the pony, molding quickly and is easily adjustable to optimize panel contact.
  • Two reinforced flocking slots at the front and rear allow quick adjustments to be made with the panel in situ.
  • Tailor the support of the rider’s leg by repositioning the moveable blocks to accommodate differing leg lengths on the same seat size.
  • Changeable Gullet: R-Bar