Kent & Masters Original Cob General Purpose Saddle

  • $1,395.00

Kent & Masters

  • Designed specifically for Cob types, this low profile saddle has a flat tree shape and straighter cut slim line panels to minimize bulk between horse and rider.
  • The Cob General Purpose Saddle is designed to fit the low withered, broad backed Cob type horses.
  • Adjustable girthing options enable optimum saddle stability to be achieved.
  • Tree shape, slim-line panels and girth strap arrangement maximize saddle stability.
  • Bulk between horse and rider has been minimized for improved rider control and closer contact.
  • Luxurious hide knee pads and seat ensure maximum rider support and comfort.
  • The Cob General Purpose Saddle is suitable for many styles of riding, including flatwork, jumping and hacking.
  • 100% British wool flocking provides superior softness and comfort for the horse, molding quickly and is easily adjustable to optimize panel contact.
  • Two reinforced flocking slots at the front and rear allow quick adjustments to be made with the panel in situation.
  • This general purpose saddle also tailors the support of the rider’s leg by repositioning the moveable blocks to accommodate differing leg lengths on the same seat size.
  • The Cob General Purpose Saddle features a changable gullet bar to suit the horse's wither profile.
  • This saddle utilizes the short S-Bar gullet for low headed saddles and is available in 8 options, including half widths (N/M to XXW). 


Please note on you order what size S-bar that you would perfer in your new Cob General Purpose Saddle.

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