Neue Schule Turtle Tactio™ Loose Ring  Snaffle

Neue Schule Turtle Tactio™ Loose Ring Snaffle

  • $217.50

Neue Schule

  • The Turtle Tactio™ with Flex Loose Ring Snaffle has been specifically engineered to accommodate the larger or sensitive tongued horse. 
  • This bold TongueSMART™ design focuses rein pressure to the central part of the tongue whilst diverting pressure away from the sensitive regions near the bars.
  • The unique central ‘Turtle’ link brings the proximal ends of the cannons to their closest separation possible, while the Flex ™ concept of widening the surfaces that lie parallel to the plane of the tongue reduces the pressure further.
  • With any kind of noseband the closed mouth of the Turtle Tactio™ easily accommodates the mouthpiece whose effective thickness in the region of the interdental space is the smallest in the Neue Schule range
  • The Turtle Tactio™ encourages the horse to round over the bit and lift through it's shoulders, rewarding horses that want to work with your.