PRI Nytro-Gel Dressage Saddle Pad

  • $79.95

Pacific Rim International, Inc.

  • Help protect your horses sensitive back with the PRI NytroGel Dressage Saddle Pad.
  • The PRI NyrtoGel Saddle Pad features four pockets (two in front, two in back) to hold the NytroGel inserts that can be uses to aid with saddle fitting. 
  • The NytroGel inserts can be place in the front, rear or both pockets to provide extra padding; four inserts are included with the pad.
  • Additional features include billet straps and girth loops. 
  • Constructed of 100% cotton.
  • Machine wash, remove inserts prior to laundering, hang to dry.
  • Spine 23", Drop 21"