Ovation® AeroWick™ Full Seat Riding Tights, Spring

  • $54.95


  • ??Sure to become an warm weather essential in any equestrian's wardrobe, the Ovation® AeroWick™ Tights are lightweight, moisture wicking and UPF 30 premium protection against 96% of UVA. 
  • AeroWick™ material is an ultra-lightweight spun polyester spandex blend that is twice as soft, trice as strong, and wicks moisture eight times faster than cotton.
  • These tights retain their shape with maximum motion 4-way stretch to ensure comfort both in and out of the saddle.     
  •  Stain, odor, and microbial resistant properties keep you feeling clean and comfortable, even throughout the longest days at the barn.
  • The Grip-Tec™ silicone full seat keeps you secure in the tack without inhibiting movement or breathability while also being stylish with their fun horseshoe pattern. 
  • Spandex stretch bottoms ensure these breeches stay where you want them, while preventing chafing.