Passier Ingrid Klimke Cross-Country Jump Saddle

  • $3,220.00

G. Passier & Sohn

  • The Ingrid Klimke Cross-Country Jump Saddle is a perfect combination of a modern look, maximum comfort and uncompromising horse friendliness.
  • This exclusive saddle is the result of many years' collaboration with German Olympic team champion and professional eventing rider, Ingrid Klimke. he
  • The elegant decorative seams, the Passier emblem on the stirrup leather loop and the sophisticated Team Klimke logo with the decorative horse motifs on the underside of the saddle flap give this saddle its unique, individual look.
  • The small and large saddle flaps covered with Selloil leather and the stitched down knee inserts with calf inserts ensure perfect security for the rider, whilst the soft seat guarantees the special Passier riding sensation.
  • The saddle flat of lined, smooth leather, which is reinforced in the lower third section, keeps wear and tear to an absolute minimum.
  • The narrow twist of the saddle enables very close contact with the horse, while the rear area of the saddle tree has been enlarged to ensure maximum freedom of movement.
  • The freedom panels and the even larger surface contact area ensure an optimum fit to the horse's back, thus making this saddle particullary horse friendly.
  • Also constructed of Selloil leather are the seat and knee inserts.
  • Additional features include the PS saddle tree, stitched down knee inserts with calf inserts thick knee blocks, calf blocks and freedom panels.
  • Please note the width of the gullet plate can be adjusted to different horses.