Plughz Equine Ear Plugs, Pony Size, Stable Pack

  • $53.99
  • Save $400,000,063,105.01


  • Plughz, are very lightweight, non toxic foam ear plugs for your equine partner.
  • Plughz Equine Ear Plugs have a slightly textured finish for slip resistance that is non irritating, or ticklish, like sheepskin and acrylic ear plugs
  • These soft, spherical foam ear plugs are designed to give the best noise reduction to help your horse remain focused on the task at hand.
  • This new style of ear plug is more dense than traditional ear plugs, thus offering a better sound deadening quality.
  • The combination of the foam density and spherical shape allow Plughzs to easily shape to the horse's ear and work to prevent the ear plugs from being shaken loose by your horse.
  • The Plughzs Pony Size Stable Pack contains 10 pairs of Plughz Ear Plugs.
  • Plughz foam ear plugs in pony size fit most small to medium ponies.