Red Barn Cadence Dressage Bridle

  • $310.00

KL Select

  • With it's subtly shaped noseband and classic black & clear crystal brownband, the Red Barn Cadence Dressage Bridle exudes elegance.
  • The Cadence featurse KL's modernized threaded headstall, lined for easier adjustment over the poll, and 5/8" cheeks.
  • The soft padded flash crank noseband measures 1 1/2" at its widest and gently tapers down to 1 3/8" on each side.
  • The Cadence comes complete with ¾” Dressage Reins (plain leather reins with stops). 
  • This bridle is made of the best Grade A Sedgwick’s English leather with stainless steel, buckle end hardware and a roller buckle on the noseband.