Rockfish Original Tall Wellington Boot, Glossy Adjustable

  • $119.99


  • The Glossy Original Rockfish Tall Wellington Boots have the same great quality of the classic Rockfish wellie, along with an easily adjustable calf and even more great colors.
  • These internationally award winning, handmade wellies are sure to make anyone want to go puddle jumping!
  • 100% waterproof, the Glossy Original Rockfish Tall Wellington Boots feature an adjustable calf and an ergonomic fit to the ankle, instep & calf.
  • These vulcanized rubber boots are hand made with rubber formulations optimized for resistance to cracking, the number 1 cause of premature failure in rubber boots (which is wasteful and damaging to the environment)
  • Because natural rubber has to be modified in order for it to cure properly, Rockfish uses the absolute minimum of synthetic polymers in order to achieve this, thus balancing their environmental conscientiousness with product longevity.
  • Rockfish uses more than 90% sustainable materials in every pair of rubber boots that they manufacture.
  • These wellies have been specifically designed for use in the equestrian environment, but with their stylish design and fun colors they will be a wet weather staple to wear anywhere.
  • The Original Rockfish Tall Wellington Boots also feature a shock absorbing foam insole & foot bed, a luxurious comfort underfoot, an an abrasion resistant heel and toe.
  • The supreme durability of these vulcanized, 100% natural rubber wellies will ensure that they will remain a treasured addition to your rainy day wear collection for quite a while.