Sore No-More Classic Gelotion,  12 oz

Sore No-More Classic Gelotion, 12 oz

  • $19.95

Arenus Animal Health

  • Classic Gelotion consists of Sore No-More's original, time-tested herbal formula, but with a naturally thick consistency for targeted pain relief.
  • Daily exercise, no matter how strenuous, takes a toll on your horse's muscles, ligaments tendons and soft tissue.
  • The right herbal liniment can reduce the risk of injury and help your horse feel as fresh after their performance as when you started.
  • Classic Gelotion was developed to provide all of the proven pain relief benefits of Sore No-More's Classic Liniment in a thicker consistency that stays in places without waste. 
  • Classic Gelotion contain Sore N-More's original, time tested formula of arnica, lobelia, rosemary, witch hazel, and calming lavender.
  •  These clinically proven ingredients combine to naturally and effectively reduce pain, drawing out heat, fluid and toxins while promoting circulation and cooling the affected area. 
  • No harmful chemicals, parabens, sulfates, irritating herbs, artificial or synthetic additives are used in Classic Gelotion. 
  • Classic Gelotion can be used to limber up and prepare muscles and soft tissue before exercise and to relax and relieve sore muscles and fatigue to improve flexibility and range of motion. 
  • The thicker consistency of Classic Gelotion makes it easy to target exact muscle groups or soft tissue for treatment. 
  • Classic Gelotion is a favorite among equine therapists and veterinarians for its ability to pinpoint problem areas, as it foams to indicate heat when it's massaged into the skin. 
  • Top therapists use Classic Gelotion because it increases the benefits of treatments like shock wave and laser therapy.
  • Classic Gelotion is safe to use daily for long term maintenance or as a complement for equine therapy treatments. 
  • Classic Gelotion can be used under riding equipment, bandages, wraps, magnets or ceramics without risk. 
  • Classic Gelotion is safe for your own hands and can be applied without gloves without waste or mess. 
  • Classic Gelotion is the right choice for:
    • Horses with a light to moderate work level.
    • Horses with chronic inflammation, arthritis or sore muscles.
    • Horses with sensitive skin or reactions to traditional liniments.
    • Horses with specific injuries or problem areas.
    • Horses not competing in FEI regulated events.
    • Owners looking for a natural, cost-effective solution for targeted joint, muscle and soft tissue pain relief.
    • Owners and equine professionals looking for a safe complement for therapy treatments.