ThinLine Bridging Shim 1/4" (Pair)

  • $25.00


  • Designed by Master Saddlers, the ThinLine Bridge Shims are custom cut  with a tapered edge to ensure that you will never have a pressure point.
  • The exclusive 1/4" thick ThinLine shock absorbing and anti-microbial material helps saddles fit better and makes horses more comfortable
  • ThinLine shims stay in place without shifting and up to 3 sets may be stacked.
  • Bridging Shims for Swaybacks – If your saddle is bridging, you are missing contact in the middle of the horse’s back and there is too much contact at both the wither and the cantle. When using bridging shims, we recommend you start slowly. Use only one or two at a time. You will discover your horse will begin to lift their top line and develop more muscle with ThinLine. Once the muscle is developed it is often possible to remove one or all of the shims