Thorowgood T4 Pony Saddle

  • $595.00


  • This all around saddle helps young riders to develop a balanced and independent seat and is ideal for all types of riding activities.
  • Super comfortable and stylish, the T4 Pony Saddle features slimline panels to allow clear communication of the leg aids.
  • Additional features include luxurious suede-effect, non-slip seat covering and knee pads for added comfort and security.
  • 100% British wool flocked panels have a maximized bearing surface, while the short panel design enables this saddle to fit on short backed ponies.
  • The changeable gullet bars of the T4 Pony Saddle provide the to best fit the width of the pony's withers, while multiple girthing options achieve maximum saddle stability.
  • Conformation:  Medium Wither Fit
  • Gullet Type:  Short S
  • Made in Walsall, England.