Thorowgood T8 Anatomic General Purpose Saddle

  • $995.00

  • The T8 Anatomic General Purpose Saddle is a universal fitting saddle with an open headed tree and a broad panel design that interfaces well with most conformations.
  • The new and patented panel design eliminates the part of the panel which can restrict the shoulder and replaces it with a versatile double knee block system.
  • One advantage is that the horse does not have the panel restricting its shoulder, so the horse is able to move more freely.
  • Another advantage is that the saddle will stay still, even during big shoulder movements. On a conventional saddle, pressure at the front transmits to movement at the rear of the panel, causing instability for both rider and horse.
  • Thirdly, as theT8 Anatomic GP’s under support blocks come in two different depths (standard and thin), and are easily inter-changeable, it provides a solution for horses with very large shoulders as well as enabling the rider to sit symmetrically on a horse with asymmetric shoulders!
  • This versatile GP is forward enough cut to allow for jumping and cross-country, as well as schooling and hacking.
  • As with all Thorowgood saddles, the T8 Anatomic GP features SimaTree brand changeable gullet bars and adjustable girthing options, which further enable the fit to be customized for a wide variety of horses.
  • Flocked with 100% British wool.
  • The saddle fitter can make quick adjustments to the fit on site,
    without having to take it back to the workshop.
  • Gullet Type:  Long R
  • Conformation:  Medium Wither Fit
  • Gullet Type: Long R
  • Made in Walsall, England.