Thorowgood T8 Low Profile Dressage Saddle

  • $945.00

  • The T8 Low Profile Dressage Saddle has been tailored mad to allow the broader horse to work in comfort.
  • The low profile panels offer closer rider contact, making this dressage saddle the best solution for the low withered horse doing flatwork.
  • The dressage specific tree and moveable under-flap thigh blocks of the T8 Low Profile Dressage Saddle combine to help the rider maintain a balanced dressage position, while the 3 different girthing options ensure total saddle security.
  • Quality leather seats and knee pads give the feel of riding on an all leather saddle, while changeable gullet bars of provide the best fit for the width of the horse's withers.
  • Flocked with 100% British wool.
  • The saddle fitter can make quick adjustments to the fit on site,
    without having to take this saddle back to the workshop.
  • Conformation:  Low Wither Fit
  • Gullet Type:  Long R
  • Made in Walsall, England.
Please note that saddle shipping begins at $65, but is subject to change depending on location, insurance & number of saddles.