Thorowgood T8 Low Profile Dressage Saddle

  • $899.00


  • Tailored made to allow the broader horse to work in comfort.
  • Low profile panels offer closer rider contact, making this the best solution for the low withered horse doing flat work.
  • The dressage specific tree and movable under flap thigh blocks combine to help the rider maintain a balanced dressage position.
  • Three built in girthing options ensure maximum saddle stability.
  • Quality leather seats and knee pads give the feel of riding on an all leather saddle.
  • Changeable gullet bars to best fit the width of the horse’s withers.
  • Two reinforced access slots to allow the stuffing in the panel to be easily adjusted.
  • Flocked with 100% British wool.
  • Gullet Type:  Long R
  • Made in Walsall, England.