Toulouse Aachen DL Dressage Saddle

Toulouse Aachen DL Dressage Saddle

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New Marcel Toulouse Aachen DL dressage Saddle

  • This saddle has been used for test rides

  • The Toulouse Aachen DL Dressage Saddle is hand crafted of natural, tanned, pigmented aniline finished high quality leather and is overlaid entirely of French calf leather.
  • The Aached DL is soft and features a comfortable, anatomically shaped, moderately deep seat to provide support and to center the riders weight properly for correct balance.
  • The Adjusta-Block® moveable/removable knee block system allows positioning for optimum comfort and effectiveness.
  • Additional features include a mildly forward flap, soft, air cushioned kneepads, long billets and adjustable Y-girthing which secures front and back of the saddle.
  • The Aachen DL is constructed with a hand laminated beech wood, spring steel reinforced trees, gusseted wool STP panel system.