Unbelt Classic, 2020

  • $39.00


  • Unbelts was founded with 2 goals: making customers feel great in their clothing and creating quality jobs for people at the beginning of the supply chain.
  • Unbelts founder, Claire lived in China for 6 years and was struck by how many locally made goods were of extraordinarily high quality, and how much skill even amateur "makers" possessed. 
  • By investing in the supply chain, Unbelts has been able to insist on better working conditions, more manageable hours, and more upward mobility for the people behind your belts, while at the same time producing a high quality product. 
  • Unbelts are made to be worn and loved for hundreds of wears - and to be repairable when they do reach the end of their first life.
  • Designing for longevity helps reduce environmental impact, and having a direct relationship with suppliers helps ensure that components stand the test of time.
  • Unbelts provide unprecedented fit without buckle bulk under your t-shirts,  gaps at the back of your jeans, or the laundry day fuss of unthreading your belt  rom your belt loops.
  • Consisting of a flexible, adjustable band and a 1/8" thick all metal buckle, Unbelts are hypoallergenic and adjustable from 20 to 54".
  • Adjust Unbelts to the approximate lenght using the slider and thread through the belt loop and tighten or loosed as needed - there is no need to unthread!
  • To machine was Unbelts just leave the belt in your belt loops, use cold water, and hang to dry. (To protect your washing machine and the Unbelt buckle, turn your jeans inside out.)
  • Unbelts are construced of 72% polyester, 17% nylon, 11% (covered) latex band with airport-friendly zinc alloy hardware.
  • Standard belt loop width (1.5” / 4 cm)
  • Do not iron.