Vac's Combo Quick Wrap,  16"

Vac's Combo Quick Wrap, 16"

  • $36.99

Vac's Bandage Company, Inc. 

  • The new improved Vac's Combo Quick Wrap features newly designed hook & loop panels for an even more perfect fit!
  • No bandage is needed over these ONE PIECE No Bow Combo Wraps, insuring that these wraps go on fast and easy for a snug, adjustable fit.
  •  Under this Combo Wrap is Vac's Brand No Bow Wraps -- the best No Bow Wraps in the world for over 30 years,
  • Vac's Combo Quick Wraps are perfect for large stables that are looking to save time and money, or for the young or new rider that is not practiced in leg wrapping. 
  • Perfect for stall or shipping, Vac's Combo Quick Wraps also work nicely for the horse that "chews up it's bandages".
  • ?Vac's Combo Quick Wraps also make excellent, fast, and economical Cold Water Wrap as well - absorbing perfectly and easy to apply.