Crafty Ponies Farrier Set

Crafty Ponies Farrier Set

  • $30.95

Crafty Ponies Ltd.

Learn About Horses & Ponies with Crafty Ponies!

Keep you Crafty Ponies' hooves in tip top shape with the Crafty Pony Farrier Set. This set comes complete with all of the tools that you need to keep your ponies' feet neat and trimmed.  There is a full set of shoes which simply adhere to your ponies' feet with the special Velcro type material on the shoes. The tools in the farrier roll includes a hammer, file, buffer, pincers/nippers and knife.

This is a wonderful set to help children have fun and learn about shoeing. 

The fully illustrated booklet shows children how a real farrier takes off a shoe, prepares the foot, fastens on the shoe and finishes the foot. 

(Please note that Crafty Ponies older than one year may not have the special nylon underneath the feet for the shoes to adhere to, if your pony has velvet under his feet he may have to be a barefoot pony)

Crafty Pony is NOT Included.