Collection: Majyk Equipe

Gallop into 2022 with Majyk Equipe

The founding principle of California based Majyk Equipe is to bring the equine world into the 21st Century with up to date technology and materials, without breaking the bank.  

Specializing in original, innovative designs and technologies, Majyk Equipe utilizes materials usually only reserved for human athletes in building their superior protective equine boots.  All Majyk Equipe boots are constructed with eco friendly materials and are Neoprene free.

Combining proprietary technology with unique styling materials not usually available in the equine world allows Majyk Equipe to stay at the forefront of material development and the newest technologies available.

In 2016 Majyk Equipe boots were the choice of 3 out of 4 riders of the US Olympic Eventing Team.  In 2017, 16 riders at the Rolex International rode in Majyk Equipe boots, making Majyk Equipe the #1 choice at this prestigious event.