Collection: Fairfax Performance


Designed for Professionals, By Professionals

A fusion of tradition and technology, Fairfax saddles and accessories are designed to enhance performance at the highest levels of competition. Thoroughly tested and scientifically researched, the British made Fairfax saddles feature changeable gullet bars and Prolite-lined, wool-flocked panels. Fairfax's ergonomically designed bridles and girths are created to the same exacting standards providing the utmost comfort for your horse.



Based on two years of scientific research, the Fairfax Performance Bridle significantly relieves peak pressures in the six key zones around the head.   This revolutionary bridle is proven to:

Reduce pressure by up to 84%
Reduce force by up to 77%
Allows greater forelimb extension
Increases knee & hock flexion

Further scientific study proves that the reduction in bridle pressure afforded by the Fairfax Performance Bridle significantly improves range of movement, extension and flexion in competition horses. 

M & M is pleased to carry the Fairfax Performance Bridle and offers specialized bridle fitting.  If you are interested in purchasing a Fairfax Bridle, please contact us at 919.851.0102 or email