Collection: Crafty Ponies

     Crafty Ponies are irresistibly cuddly soft toy ponies that allow children to learn about ponies in a fun and playful way.  Crafty ponies, along with their tack and accessories are as realistic as possible to help children learn how it all looks, works and fits. The skills learned with Crafty Ponies are easily transferable; if children can put Crafty Ponies saddle and bridle together they can put a real saddle and bridle together

        Each Crafty Pony comes with its own passport booklet which is full of useful information to help children learn how to care for their pony.

     The attention to detail makes Crafty Ponies so unique and special. Crafty Ponies are designed and produced by an international award winning product designer who also owns a busy riding school and Spanish horse stud.