M & M Tack is proud to offer ThinLine products to our customers both in store and online.

ThinLine is small, local company that has made a sizable impact on the world wide equine industry with their dedication to create the most amazing horse tack on the market.

ThinLine is made in the US and they support US manufacturers for assembly of their product lines.


 ThinLine is a specially designed, unique, open-cell technology that distributes shock, weight and heat laterally along the pad without compressing. The result is 95% shock absorption.

Beginning as a liquid, open cells are poured then polarized so each cell lies end-to-end. Another layer is poured then polarized in a different direction. This process is repeated hundreds of times in order to create a honeycomb matrix formation that allows impact and heat to move laterally. The end result is that impact moves ACROSS the ThinLine pad, which produces a completely different ride your horse will love. Riders will love how the open-cell technology transfers recoil off the horse’s back laterally rather than directly up into the base of the rider’s spine.

Integrity and softness allow ThinLine to flex and stretch over high withers, around bones, splints, girths or saddle pressure points without bottoming out (like memory foam, or moving, like gel).

Body temperature warms the ThinLine material allowing it to conform to the horse to support tendons and muscles, and relieve pressure and impact. When returned to room temperature (75° F), it rebounds to its original shape. 

ThinLine horse tack is 100% breathable, therefore not trapping heat and moisture.  Pressure points created by movement in the saddle and challenges associated with working muscles are nearly eliminated due to the fact that ThinLine does not slip or compress. 

ThinLine products are know for their longevity with many happy customers getting a decade or more out of a basic ThinLine pad.