Kent & Masters Saddles & Saddle Products

At Kent & Masters, you speciality is their speciality.  Kent & Masters Saddlemakes understand that a discipline specific saddle plays an important part in helping riders and their horses to perform at their best, which is why they design and construct affordable specialist saddles for dressage, jumping, eventing and everday riding.

All Kent & Masters saddles are handmade in England by skilled craftsmen and qualified master saddlers using traditional techniques.  Kent & Masters combines heritage with scientific research & testing plus saddle fitting expertise to develop fitting solutions for even the trickiest conformed horse. 

Whether you ride a high wither Thoroughbred, a full barrelled Warmblook or a beautifully rounded Cob, or anything in between a Kent & Masters will provide the answer! 

Cantle view of a Kent & Masters Competiton Jump Series on a bay, braided show horse.

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