Himalayan Rock Salt Lick Brick,   4.4lb

Himalayan Rock Salt Lick Brick, 4.4lb

  • $10.99


  • Known as "white gold' to those in that part of the world, Himalayan Rock Salt is the purest form of salt available on earth.
  • Mined from ancient deposits in the Himalayas, these rock hard salt licks contain many of the valuable minerals that your horse needs to promote a healthy balance in the body
  • Iron, potassium and magnesium are particularly useful in replenishing electrolytes lost during hard work.
  • The Centaur® Himalayan Rock Salt Lick Brick is 100% all natural and is literally "rock hard" so that it can be left outside.
  • Machined to a brick that fits in most standard 4lb. salt lick holders.


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