Majyk Equipe Cool Compression Gel Ice Boots, Pair

  • $199.99

Majyk Equipe

  • The Majyk Equipe Cool Compression Boot provides a whole new approach to cooling and dispersing heat from your horses' legs after exercise.
  • Constructed from NASA approved materials, this boot extends above the knee and below fetlock for comfortable extra coverage.
  • The long lasting cooling gel, paired with the power of compression, provides the perfect combination of rest and recovery while fighting inflammation.
  • The ice cold soft gel provides cooling while remaining comfortable on horse's leg.
  • The whole boot can be placed in the freezer, or you can cool just the liners in freezer or ice chest for 3-4 hours prior to use.
  • Pump 18-20 times and measure the pressure by inserting finger between gel liner and the leg.
  • Pressure is released by depressing the button on pump.
  • The Cool Compression Boot can be used with or without compression 
  • The non neoprene construction helps protect against mold and fungus growth, and helps stop the gel pack form soaking through the outer material. 
  • The fully reflective outer layer deflects the sun's rays so that the boot stays colder longer. 
  • A compact travel bad is included for easy storage and transportation.
  • One Size Only - Fits horses 15.3 - 18 hands. 
  • Length - 21" (at the longest point)
  • Width - 11" (open width of the inner ice pack)
  • Sold as a pair.