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Mattes Dressage Correction Half Pad with Pockets

Mattes Dressage Correction Half Pad with Pockets

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E.A. Mattes

  • The Mattes Dressage Correction Pad System is perfect for horses that may need incremental correction in different areas as the horses back and shoulders develop.
  • This correction pad also works well for one sided horses, or as a rear or front riser.
  • Uniquely designed front and rear pockets are located along the spine, allowing you to add shims to the specific area in need.
  • As the horse develops muscling you can remove or relocated the shims as needed. 
  • This half pad is constructed with a heavy duty outer cotton quilt, with Mattes signature stitching design. 
  • Mattes recommends Melp for washing the Dressage Correction Half Pad to help extend its life and quality. 
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