Pepede Leather Wash,  250ml

Pepede Leather Wash, 250ml

  • $17.95


  • Pepede Leather Wash is non-toxic and environmentally friendly made from a natural vegetable based formula that is free of petroleum chemicals and dyes.
  • This mild wash is specially formulated without phosphates with very low sudsing and rinses clean.
  • Pepede can be used for cleaning waterproof, breathable horse blankets, saddle pads, horse boots, breeches and shirts made of technical fabrics. 
  • Pepede is highly concentrated with a recommended DILUTION RATIO OF 500 PARTS WATER TO 1 CAPFUL OF PEPEDE. 
  • ONE CAPFUL MAKES 2.6 GALLONS of Wash which is an incredible value!
  • Pepede can be used in any water temperature.