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Pinsnickety Pins

Pinsnickety Pins

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Whimsical pins for your horse show number, fly veil, hunt coat and other equestrian needs. 

Pinsnickety pins are custom designed and manufactured with equestrians in mind. Use them to secure your show number, to decorate your horse's bonnet, or in whatever way brings you joy and luck in the ring! Pinsnickety pins are perfect for USEF rated where horses will need to display that show number every time they leave their stall.  

Have one for every mood-a Crown for when you're on top, a Rainbow for when you're looking for the silver lining, a Clover when you need a spot of luck...

These fun enamel pins are backed with locking clasps that are smooth against your horse's skin and won't fall off.

Sold as a matching pair.

Pinsnickety pins match our Pinsnickety charms perfectly!


 Multiple Pinsnickety pins


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