The Best Horse Riding Gloves for Every Season

The Best Horse Riding Gloves for Every Season
Lesa Hocutt

Horseback riding is not just about the rider's skill and the horse's performance; success often depends on subtle details, including the right riding gear. One often overlooked, but the crucial aspect is the choice of riding gloves.  A rider’s hands are their most important tool for communicating with their horse and should be protected accordingly. Equestrian Riding gloves improve a rider’s grip on the reins and contact with the horse’s mouth, along with protecting against blisters and burns.  Riding gloves are an essential component of an equestrian’s equipment and all have different features and benefits.  In this guide, we’ll explore the various types of riding gloves, and shed light on the features that make each type unique

Types of Horse Riding Gloves

Riding gloves are a very personal item.  The right gloves protect your hands and improve communication with your horse, while also adding finishing touches to your riding ensemble. With so many riding glove types available today, riders have unlimited choices in selecting the best glove for their needs.


Schooling Gloves



Schooling gloves are indispensable accessories for equestrians, enhancing both comfort and performance during schooling, riding lessons, or even a fun day out on the trails. Constructed with attention to detail, these gloves are often made of synthetic materials for breathability and flexibility with additional reinforcement or padding in key areas. Beyond functionality, schooling gloves also provide protection against painful friction and blisters, ensuring a more enjoyable and comfortable injury-free ride.

With a wide selection of schooling gloves for every size and budget, M & M Tack Shop can help riders find the perfect fit for their everyday riding needs.

For young riders, Roeckl Roeck-Grip® Junior Riding Gloves are supple, flexible, and breathable for maximum feel and grip on the reins. Touchscreen compatible, these schooling gloves fit like a second skin for all-day comfort.

A rider favorite for all weather conditions, SSG's All Weather Gloves provide riders with a lightweight, breathable, and comfortable fit. Wet or day, the soft Aquasuede Plus® palms and fingers give riders a superior grip no matter the forecast.

USG RSL Seoul Riding Gloves are constructed of tacky, synthetic Albarin material, providing a secure grip along with a classic look. Finger reinforcements and Velcro closures make this all-around glove perfect for everyday use.

Perfect for schooling and maintaining hand health, Correct Connect's CopperTech Pro Silicone Grip Compression Gloves feature supportive cuffs and reinforcement between the small and ring finger, as well as the ring and middle finger for riders using double reins. The stretchy compression in Correct Connect's Copper Tech gloves helps increase blood flow and ease discomfort in the hands. These gloves create a custom-like fit by expanding and contracting to your hand for ultimate support for arthritic or sore hands!


Show Gloves



Show gloves are essential elements of an equestrian's horse show wardrobe, delivering a range of benefits that blend style and functionality in the competitive arena. Designed to provide riders with an elegant and polished appearance, show gloves complement the riders' overall presentation in the show ring. The ergonomic design of show gloves ensures a precise fit, offering riders the dexterity needed for subtle cues and precise maneuvers. The construction of these gloves prioritizes flexibility and sensitivity, enabling riders to maintain a delicate touch while adhering to the demanding standards of competitive riding. With a focus on both form and function, show gloves contribute to a rider's confidence, control, and overall success in the show ring

Hunter ring show gloves are usually made of leather and while having technical innovations, maintain a traditional appearance.  If you visit USEF Pony Finals or North Carolina's own Duke Horse Show, you will see the riders wearing understated black gloves no matter their age or division.

Popular show gloves for hunter riders include SSG Pro Show Leather Gloves with spandex gussets between the fingers, reinforcement at key areas of contact, and gathered stitched wrists and backs to ensure a close, comfortable fit. These gloves are thin, soft, and flexible for all-day performance and comfort.

Kunkle Premium Show Gloves offer a second skin fee with slip-free grip - extra tack. Constructed with durable, synthetic leather with a textured pebbled finish, these gloves dry completely between rides and are touchscreen compatible.

Roeckl Roeck-Grip Gloves  also fit like a second skin, providing the rider with a superior close contact feel. Roeck-Grip®, Roeckl's exclusive performance textile, is supple, flexible, and breathable for maximum tactility and grip on the reins.

For Dressage Shows, white gloves are most often seen, although FEI rules state that gloves matching the color of the rider's coat are acceptable. Constructed of leather or technical fabrics, Dressage show gloves enhance the communication between rider and horse.  A visit to Dressage at Devon will show impeccably dressed riders with immaculate gloves presenting an overall appearance of harmony with their horses.

Popular dressage show gloves include Kunkle Premium Dressage Show Gloves featuring a material thickness of 0.5mm, providing the ultimate in unlimited contact with your horse. 

Roeckl Madrid Gloves feature a sporty but elegant look with technical materials for high performance and are reinforced in strategic locations for handling the curb rein, making it an ideal choice for riding in a double bridle.


Winter Gloves



When the temperature starts to plummet a rider's hands are the first part of their body to suffer, making it hard for cold, stiff fingers to maintain a secure grip on the reins. How cold does it need to be to wear winter gloves?  When temperatures start to drop past 50 degrees, it is advisable to unpack your winter gloves.

Winter riding gloves offer a range of benefits that make cold-weather riding safe and enjoyable. Designed with insulation and waterproof materials, these gloves not only guard against the cold but also offer a comfortable and flexible fit, allowing riders to maintain a secure grip on the reins without sacrificing dexterity. Additionally, many winter riding gloves are equipped with features such as reinforced palms and touchscreen compatibility, adding functionality to their protective qualities.

We proudly carry a full range of winter riding gloves for both adults and children that will ensure comfy warm hands and secure grips.

Kerrits Hand Warmer Gloves are constructed with a four-way stretch Dynamic Extreme™ exterior that sheds dirt, hay, and light rain. As well as providing comfort with fleece lined with a Gripstretch™ Suede palm.

Roeckl Warwick Fleece Gloves offer the warmth of high-quality Polartec® Power Stretch®Pro with extended cuffs that tuck inside a jacket sleeve for added protection. The palm has been reinforced with silicon Roeckl hand logos for a secure grip.

SSG Winter Gripper economical fleece lined cotton gloves keep your hand warm and your grip secure with its pimple grip palm and fingers, in both children and adult sizes. These gloves are a sensible option as versatile work gloves for all your equestrian-related activities.

For cold weather showing, SSG Pro Show Winter Gloves are constructed from soft leather and lined with 40 grams of cold-blocking Thinsulate material, keeping your hand and fingers toasty warm in the worst of showing conditions.


Summer Gloves




Summer riding gloves offer a host of advantages for riders navigating warmer weather conditions. Constructed with breathable materials, these gloves prioritize comfort by allowing proper ventilation, preventing hands from becoming overly sweaty and slippery during rides. The lightweight and flexible design of summer riding gloves ensures that riders can maintain a secure grip on the reins while promoting optimal dexterity. Many summer gloves also incorporate moisture-wicking technology, actively drawing sweat away from the skin to keep hands dry. Protection from the sun's UV rays is another important benefit, as some gloves feature built-in sun protection to shield the hands from potential sunburn.

These summer riding gloves will keep riders cool, comfortable and protected despite how high the temperature soars.

 Lettia Kids' Shield Mesh Gloves offer a lightweight second-skin fit for optimum touch sensations, while the perforated mesh back allows for maximum airflow.  Lycra reinforcements, Velcro wrist closures, and touchscreen compatibility provide added comfort for young riders.

USG RSL Santa Monica Riding Gloves  feature a warm weather friendly combination of a mesh back with a leather palm and a secure Velcro closure. Constructed using the highest grade textiles, these durable gloves will not only impress with their fit, flexibility, and functionality, but with their fashionable details.

EGO7 AIR Mesh Riding Gloves  are constructed of synthetic leathers that provide maximum grip and flexibility with airy mesh fabric on the back of the hand that provides optimum breathability along with an elegant look.

Be ready for the show ring in Kunkle's Premium Mesh Show Gloves with a second skin feel, a slip free grip, and a soft touch. These show gloves are constructed with a mesh back that is cool in warm weather and is banded over the back of the hand for a perfect fit.


Key Factors to Consider When Selecting Riding Gloves

Selecting the right riding gloves is a crucial decision for equestrians, as it directly impacts comfort, control, and overall performance in the saddle. When choosing the best gloves for individual needs, considerations should include the intended use, discipline, and personal preferences. Riders competing in shows may prioritize stylish, form-fitting show gloves that enhance their overall presentation. On the other hand, those focused on schooling and training may prioritize durability, grip, and comfort for everyday riding.

Material choices such as leather for a classic look or synthetic materials for breathability and flexibility also play a role. The fit is paramount, ensuring a snug yet comfortable feel, while features like reinforced fingers, ventilation, and touchscreen compatibility can further enhance functionality.

Finding the right pair of riding gloves involves carefully weighing considerations of style, purpose, and functionality to ensure a comfortable and safe time in the saddle. Here at MM Tack Shop, we carry a wide selection of riding gloves for all disciplines and needs from trusted brands like Ovation and Roeckl in women's and children’s sizes. Please visit our Riding Gloves collection for more glove options.  If you have questions concerning what gloves may be best for you, please call 919.851.0102 or email questions@mmtackshop.


MM Tack Shop Offers Extensive Riding Gear and Horse Supplies

Beyond gloves, MM Tack Shop is your one-stop shop for all horse tack, equipment, and riding apparel. Stock up on everything your horse needs - we carry riding helmets, cozy horse blankets, fly masks, and more to outfit them in comfort and safety. Don't forget about yourself! We also have paddock boots, safety vests, and other must-haves to complete your barn look. Whether you're shopping for your four-legged friend or picking up a few riding essentials on your wishlist, rely on us as you equip both yourself and your horse for every adventure ahead.



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